Sunday, October 14, 2012

This Week In Cookies 10/14/2012

Update -- the birthday girl's mom sent me a picture of the cookies displayed on the cute fall table -- love the setup!


Last weekend I set out for a marathon baking session with a double batch of cookies, all divided up for different fun events this week.

I made another round of leaves, pumpkins, and acorns -- along will some cute purple 1s...feminine but not too girly -- for a coworker's daughter's fall-themed first birthday party today:

And because I can't help myself, a (repeat) picture of some leaves.  I love the mini fall cookies!

I did a couple of variations of "J" cookies -- some for a new big brother, and some as a practice for a friend's son's upcoming birthday:

I also had fun with these onesie cookies for a sweet new baby that I was excited to meet this week!  Even better yet, his parents still like me even though I brought his big brother his own set of cookies that he gobbled up before dinner.  :)

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