Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Wedding

2012 has been the year of weddings.  As we were dancing the night away on Saturday, Maury said to me: "what was that wedding, before Cat's, where we had so much fun dancing?"  Well, friends, that was OUR wedding.  :)  At least he described it as fun.

This post is nominally about cookies -- Jill (of wine tasting and bridal shower fame) and Brian got married on Saturday night and Jill picked her accent color to be poppy red.  So, I couldn't resist making a few poppy cookies for the occasion.

 I made a few packages for the newlyweds to have a midnight snack, too:

The weather was perfect, and it was a gorgeous setting....equally as gorgeous was Jill in her dress.  I couldn't get over the flowers (done by her matron of honor and sister-in-law -- amazing!):

 Congrats, Brian and Jill!  So happy for you!

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