Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

I jumped at the chance to make birthday cookies for a very special 2 year old boy in Chicago.  If I'm being honest, I always jump at the chance to make cookies, but I feel better about myself if I'm not the one eating them all.

Anyway, Jacob's Aunt Katie ordered up a batch of birthday cookies, and told me he loves airplanes.  I'm not terribly artistic, so for a new cookie cutter or design I usually search around other cookie blogs or google images, and I felt ready to decorate some airplanes:

Because I am not great at freehand drawing, I tend to pick simple designs and I love the way these turned out.  The bright colors seemed perfect for a little boy's birthday.

I added a few balloons:

And a special message from Jacob's Aunt Katie....:

...and sent the whole lot off to Chicago.:

Most of them arrived intact and were enjoyed by the birthday boy, among others.  Thanks for the idea, Aunt Katie!

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  1. Hi Emily,

    Thank you SO much for thinking of Jacob on his 2nd birthday! We absolutely loved your cookies- they were gorgeous and delicious! You have a genuine talent and we were lucky to have been recipients of that talent over the weekend:-)

    Angela, Mark and Jacob Papazian