Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NOLA Summer 2013

Last Wednesday we boarded a plane for New Orleans....sadly we were not in first class like Nancy Pelosi (who really was on our flight!).  It was a rare DC-NOLA flight that wasn't crowded, but I guess August really isn't prime tourist season.  :)

It was a great trip -- we spent most of our time there by the pool and/or eating.  Among other treats, we managed to get snoballs each day.  Just in case those weren't enough sugar, I brought along some cookies.

I came across this great sno-cone cookie tutorial from Bake at 350 just in time for our trip and adapted them to be snoballs in "pails" (aka Chinese food containers, which is how they're served):

And us enjoying the real thing with the nephews:

I also made crawfish cookies, and some tennis balls and racquets for my mother-in-law who is an avid player.  Those are courtesy of this design from The Decorated Cookie:

Just for fun, I tried baking cookies on a stick with some mustache cookie cutters.  They turned out sturdier than I expected.  :)

I am really missing our days (and naps!) by the pool.  :)


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